In your studio, you will find a modern kitchen equipped with a microwave, cooking plate, kettle and all necessary kitchenware, basically everything you need should you want to cook your own meals!


Your stay at Skyrock includes breakfast which comprises of fresh juice (vegetable or fruit), boiled eggs, toasted bread or French croissant, jam, slices of fresh vegetables and coffee.


Dinner Menu                                                           

                To be ordered in advance (1 Day)

Monday Chicken with choice  of sauces (lemon, Indian), served with rice and vegetables
Tuesday Beef Stroganoff served with tagliatelles
Wednesday Fish fingers served with mayonnaises, rice and vegetables
Thursday Pasta Alfredo (chicken, mushroom, cheese)
Friday Beef curry served with rice and vegetables
Saturday Pasta Casanova (spinach-garlic-cream)
Sunday Chicken with choice of sauces (herbs, mushroom), served with rice and vegetables.

All meals Include salad, bread and a drink (small bottled water, soft drink, tea, American coffee)


Price per meal:   EGP 180.00/Euros 9.00


Choices of Salad:

  • Carrot Salad
  • Mixed Salad
  • Tomato Salad


Special Orders

Beff Stew served with rice, vegetables and salad EGP 200/Euros 10
Fish Acra with mayonnaise, rice, vegetables, salad EGP200/Euros 10
Mushroom Pasta EGP 80/Euros 4
Swiss Roesti (Potato cake with spinach-cheese fried egg) EGP 80/Euros 4
Stuffed Tomato (Tuna), salad EGP 80/Euros 4
Fatouch Salad EGP 80/Euros 4
Salade Nicoise EGP 80/Euros 4
Potato Salad EGP 80/Euros 4



Margherita - Italian peeled tomatoes, sauce, fresh mozzarella EGP 100/Euros 5
Napolitana - Italian peeled tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, capers, anchovies EGP 100/Euros 5
Romana - Italian peeled tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, onions, tuna EGP 100/Euros 5
Calzone - Peeled tomatoes, mozzarella, smoked beef, mushrooms, artichokes tuna EGP 100/Euros 5
Frutti - Italian peeled tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, shrimps, calamari tuna EGP 100/Euros 5



Fruit Tart             EGP 70/Euros 3.5
Walnut Apple Cake EGP 70/Euros 3.5
Banana Split          Coupe Melba         Assorted Ice cream EGP 70/Euros 3.5
Apple Cinnamon Compote         EGP 70/Euros 3.5
SkyRock Special Occasion Cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce (for 4)        EGP 140/Euros 6


All Dishes are home prepared by our Swiss Chef Alexandre Arnaud




Alexander, our Swiss Chef (and friend) who will be preparing your breakfast and who does not stop joking!!

All Dishes are home prepared by our Chef Alexandre Arnaud