About Us


Skyrock is a privately owned and owner managed hotel is located in Asallah right on the Red Sea.

We are an Egyptian-French couple who fell in love with Dahab the first time we saw it almost a decade ago. We lived most of our practical lives in the US and saw many places in the world, but nothing compares to Dahab. It has this laid-back ambiance mixed with indescribable beauty wherever we turn our heads. Dahab had its spell on us and its magic never left ever since.

We run Skyrock according to our strict protocols of hygiene and cleanness and invite you to come plunge with us in the charm of Dahab at Skyrock, where nature, arts and sports crossroads.

We especially offer the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable holiday which can be tailor made to suit your individual needs, be it pure relaxation or a mix of various exciting activities which we have on offer.

Feel free to contact us via our  Facebook page, by email @ contact@skyrock-dahab.com, or give us a call ! (+0020-(0)155 205 6900)